TUNE within SELF

What is Love? Who am i?

“There is only one consciousness manifesting in different forms”…when i say this it means all persons, animals, nature and everything in this existence is consciousness which appears different and separate forms but each forms is again consciousness. [For example ocean is a water,,, every waves in it seems different from each other, one might be bigger with larger intensity, one might be small and lesser intensity but what are both? yes a water-molecule. An ice is a water molecule, vapor is water molecule. Same water-molecule seems in different forms but the material cause of all is same one without second.] So when you know yourself (ice knowing self as water), you will see yourself in everything and in everyone,,, not as a blind faith, not as a belief, but at an experiential realization. The differentiation in the Duality will come to an end. Wherever there is a duality(ice,ocean,vapor, waves) a birth of comparison and competition takes place which transforms with the Peace within due to oneness(realizing self as water itself). It is not the materialistic lack that is creating sufferings rather it is the Spiritual Lack of knowledge through experience is creating a suffering. We expand our physical dimensions to the spiritual dimensions, you will say “I am everything”( with full of divine purity of mind and heart and knowledge of experience of self) THIS IS LOVE (when you realize self as water you see yourself withinin all waves,ice and all forms). This is oneness with everything in the existence,with full of gratitude. Its a timeless realization. That which is beyond time. A realization of one without the second. Beyond the identity(ego).

Lets realize it the spiritual self (generally we call it as soul though one cannot use this term to that )within self, Lets live life from knowing (who am I?) Lets find our own soul first then find the soulmate. Lets find the bliss and inner peace within self and then think of other matters. Lets stabilize internal self first before stabilizing external world.

You are already that, It is just that we have to realize self.

Does consciousness,does brahman gets deluded?

To understand 1) let us consider the standpoint of Parmarthik satya of three standpoint of truths as vyavharik satya, pratibhasik satya,parmarthik satya. From the standpoint of duality the consciousness is deluded and from the standpoint of parmarthik satya(absolute truth) the consciousness is never deluded and ever pure within us. As we all take everything in duality but after the realization we understand that consciousness(brahman) is never deluded. It may be confusing. To simplify things, we can say that – Theories of Creation, Brahman getting deluded, Jiva making efforts for Self Realization and attaining moksha, all are true from the standpoint of empirical truth (vyavaharika satya) only. It is not true from absolute reality(parmarthika satya). To further understand and gain clarity, let us take a famous example of clouds veiling (covering) Sun. Lets say that some layers of clouds veil Sun. Hence we can say that, Sun (Brahman) is veiled by ignorance (clouds). After the clouds move on or are removed from our vision, Sun appears again and we can say that Sun (brahman) is found again. But in reality, we know that Sun can never be veiled by Clouds. Yet we experienced Sun getting veiled. This experience also cannot be false. But is not the reality either. Hence this falls in the category of mithya. It is true from empirical standpoint only. Suppose if we travel upwards and move beyond clouds, then sun will always shine. Never was the time when Sun never stopped shining. The experience of Sun getting veiled was only true from one standpoint. Similarly, Brahman getting deluded, theories of creation,jiva making efforts for self realization and ataining liberation etc are valid only from empirical point of view, when one is under ignorance. They are not applicable to Self Realized saint, who has already removed ignorance and entered into non-dual state. You are like sun and covered by body and mind like clouds. 🙏🌷🙏